Our Approach

Our relationships, paired with a team of specialized industry experts, create our competitive advantage.

Ideal Investment

Asset Backed

Bastion loans are typically backed by specific collateral such as a portfolio of loans held in a bankruptcy remote special purpose vehicle (SPV).


Backing our loan is a portfolio of hundreds to millions of loans. Using the associated data, Bastion can perform extensive statistical analysis during underwriting and in the ongoing monitoring process.

Short Duration

A typical Bastion loan is three years or less. Across our current portfolio, the underlying collateral has an average life of less than one year.

Tech Enabled

Using technology and data, a Bastion portfolio company can service market segments with limited access to traditional large lenders and capital markets.

Where We Operate



Lending to the lower middle market is often complex and allows our team to select deals across sectors and geographies that require veteran expertise to execute.

We capture illiquidity and complexity premium while securing the downside with consumer loans, small business loans, and other similar financial contracts held in a bankruptcy remote SPV.

Our target companies require structural flexibility and innovative thinking, resulting in solutions that meet the demands of our portfolio partners and investors alike.

How We Operate


Bastion’s management team has been battle tested through multiple market cycles. We underwrite with the goal of portfolio wide resiliency and durability throughout economic cycles.

For our investor base of endowments, family offices, and high net worth individuals, we maintain a steady hand. Our investment professionals diligently monitor each portfolio to identify and mitigate risk while enabling growth and opportunity.

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